Ventilator Air Supply Device
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Ventilator Air Supply Device

used for JX10, JX100C, JOGGER, JX100 and JX100A

Component Name:

(1) YQY-740A oxygen reducing valve                (2) YQY-710A oxygen reducing valve

(3) high-pressure tube(desktop ventilator)            (4) 2.5M high-pressure tube(portable ventilator)  

(5) 0.5M high-pressure tube(potable ventilator)    (6) 2L aluminum alloy oxygen cylinder       

(7) oxygen bridge                                                 (8) central oxygen supply joint

Technical Characteristics:

JIUJIUXIN ventilator can connect to all types of oxygen cylinders and central oxygen supply in hospital.

JIUJIUXIN portable ventilator is equipped with an aluminum alloy oxygen cylinder, which is light, durable and has no rust

Configuration Description:

JX10: (2)+(4)

JX100C, JOGGER: (2)+(4)+(5)+(6)+(7)+(8)

JX100, JX100A: (1)+(3)+(8)

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