Medical Ventilator JX100
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Medical Ventilator JX100



Used in hospital, medical school, retirement organization and family ward.

Main Features:

1. Multiple breathing modes, suitable for ICU, emergency department, operation room, and family ward, etc

2. Can effectively avoid human-computer confrontation with advanced synchronizing function. Be useful for both invasive and noninvasive.

3. Microcomputer controlled, constant volume, pressure triggered, digital display parameters.

Technical parameters:

Ventilation mode: CMV, A/C, SIMV, Sigh, PEEP, Manual, etc. 

Tidal Volume: at least 100 ~ 1200ml

Inspiratory Time: 0.5 ~ 3s

Respiratory Rate: 1 ~ 60bpm

Oxygen Concentration: 45 ~ 100%, continuously adjustable

Synchronous trigger sensitivity: -0.5 ~ 1.0kpa

Sigh: 1 per 100 times, or adjust according to the needs

PEEP: 0.5 ~ 2kpa, continuously adjustable, digital display

Monitoring and Alarm Function:

Multiple parameters monitoring and display functions.

Multiple alarm and prompt functions. 

Multiple security protection functions.

Service Conditions:

Power Supply: AC.

Gas Supply: Oxygen cylinder, Central oxygen supply.

Basic configuration:

Mainframe of ventilator, trolley, support arm, humidifier, silicone breathing circuits (reusable, which can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure ), etc.

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